Installing a trellis

Why professional fencing installers are worth the investment

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Installing a fence requires knowledge, skill, care and attention to detail along with a raft of tools for it to be installed correctly and for the fence to last. Poorly installed fencing can result in boundaries that aren’t secure, increased repair costs and chance of damage especially in adverse weather where a poorly installed fence can fail quickly.

When considering a new garden fence for your property you might be tempted to try and save money by opting for DIY approach, or choosing a general handyman rather than a specialist garden fencing installer.

Here are some important considerations before you decide the right route for you when making an investment in the boundary of your property.

Professional installers understand boundary and planning requirements

A professional installer knows about planning requirements and boundary rules, this can avert any issues with neighbours or local authorities. Missing these and installing a fence which needs to later be adjusted can be an expensive and time consuming mistake. For advice on boundary disputes we recommend a blog by Jacksons fencing researching the common garden boundary permissions and laws when installing fencing, gates or garden decking but one benefit highlighed in the blog is a professional fence installer will know the laws and best practice.

Installing a trellis

Professional fence installers can better advise what’s right for your site and save you money in the long run

Fence installation involves thorough preparation, safety precautions and detailed aftercare. A full assessment of the site is vital, taking into consideration factors like terrain and local weather patterns because often poorly installed fencing will result in wind damaged fencing that needs replacing. The selection of appropriate fencing is also essential: poor-quality fencing often results in unexpected damage and a shortened lifespan of the product. So while the initial cost might be lower on cheaper quality fence and DIY installation, the longer term a professionally installed alternative will often work out as better value. Especially if you use an installer who can work with products that carry a guarantee.

Easier and less stressful

Hiring a trained, certified fencing professional with years of experience will make your life much simpler. They can help you choose the best fence for your requirements, make all the necessary measurements, use professional tools and complete the job quickly efficiently and neatly, minimising the disruption to your garden. That does of course rely on securing the services of an expert in the first place as, unfortunately, there are many rogue traders out there.

Installing a timber fence

At CooperEdward Fencing we’re proud of our solutions to ensure your fence installation is in safe hands, giving you total peace of mind.

We are members of the Jacksons Approved Installer Network we are proud to be part of this nationwide service that links the best fencing and landscaping businesses in the UK and connects local customers to them while using the very best materials on the market , backed by Jacksons 25 year timber guarantee.

Each member of the network is handpicked by Jacksons Fencing following rigorous checks, including on-site assessments of previous installations by the Approved Installer Programme Manager. The network is made up of the most reliable, trusted companies who have committed to meeting the requirements of the Jacksons Fencing Customer Charter, guaranteeing customers the highest quality of service for the best possible price.

In summary selecting a professional fencing contractor to install your new fence can give you peace of mind, backed by an industry leading guarantee, whilst saving the worry and hassle caused by a poor quality installation.

Please get in touch to arrange a site survey for your fencing project.